October 08, 2008

Burnt Out

So you know how yesterday I was bragging about my flat iron. Well today I went to use it and suddenly I smelled this burning smell coming from the iron as I started it, than the LED light went out and now...it doesn't work right. I asked my Dad if he had dropped it or something since he had been in there fixing my toilet but apparently he didn't and he had just put it away in my bathroom closet. So now I e-mailed the EBay seller to see if I could get a refund/exchange or something since it states a 7 day return policy. Now the seller is saying that their site doesn't state that and that I can't return a used flat iron! Totally sucks, I'm so bummed/pissed, $75 down the toilet. EBay knock-off :(

To top it off my grams out in San Diego AKA my Hometown is having medical issues which she is going in for gallbladder surgery in the morning. My prayers are with her, I love my Grams. I wish I could move out to So-Cal and help her in her time of need.

So yea...I'm a bit under the weather, depressed, bummed out...whatever you wanna call it. Not to mention I've been working graveyard shift today and yesterday and have to head out into the boonies of "West-By-God" Friday morning for a family trip...I'm so not enthused but at least I'm off the next 4 days.

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Leanne said...

I'm always scared of internet shopping, but there are so many nice items out there that i can't get in australia. sorry to hear about your ebay trouble.

hope your grams' surgery goes well and she has a quick recovery.

also hope your spirits lift up soon :)