October 03, 2008

TV Catch Up

I'm not big on watching TV or movies...so if I hear about a show going on via radio, MySpace, Internet and it sounds/looks possibly entertaining, I'm all about checking it out via YouTube, etc.

Recently I've caught myself being hooked on...Ugly Betty...so weird but this 3rd season and my first season for ever catching this show has seemed pretty good. Ugly Betty has been given the option of getting married or keeping her rebound man around...she chooses neither and ops for a trip to Italy instead (smart girl). She comes back from her trip, which apparently she has been away for a month and she decides to take on some "Challenges" by taking more responsibilities at work which...her work changed and she now works for a magazine called "Player" of all things. Than she gets her own place without seeing it first and the place turned out to be a total dump. Oh, and Betty's Dad gets a job...working for Lindsay Lohan at a burger joint no less, poor fella.

Shows I wasn't feeling this season...sadly Heroes looked like a let down from the brief new episode I caught but couldn't finish because the acting had just gotten a bit horrid in my opinion.

A new show called The Secret life of the American Teenager aired this year and after watching the first minute of the first episode...I knew I hated it. First off the mom starts by telling her 15yr old daughter that her band teacher is working them too hard and the daughter disagrees in a positive manner. Than the mom says she made her daughters favorite for dinner...POT ROAST, sick, I can't stand pot roast, that is THE one thing I won't eat, YUCK. Than the next minute the girl is taking a birth control test...I mean...wow, this is what the American Teenagers life is coming to? eh.

Also as you may have seen me briefly mention before The Hills this season, it seems soo diff than the other seasons...well, from the few episodes I had caught of them before. LC looks more fashionable and her personality has came out more and its like...finally, their is some-what of a real person to watch now, haha. So this season, I'm totally watching every episode (and I have been watching every episode this season)...I can't help it >.<

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