September 02, 2008

Shade Search

I've been trying to find a lamp shade for my recent EBay purchase(an estate dumpster rescue from Canada I was told). I was looking through Target for just the shades but it looks like I may end up purchasing the whole lamp just to get the shade I want :( not fair. Although some of their lamp shades cost the same as the entire lamp itself. Well...maybe I'll have luck at Wal-Mart.

Might help if I actually measured what size of shade I needed as well (-.-#)

If you like this lamp they sell a similar one at UO, although its half the size of mine...and hot pink. Oh and it comes with a lamp shade( worries for you).

WTHeck! If my x-bf had a home phone...that'd be his x-mas gift, haha.

1 comment:

Lumasis said...

Very cute lamp. Finding the perfect lampshade is the key. If you don't like what you are finding at Target, you might try a black lampshade from If you are unsure and would like some suggestions, call David toll free.

Best of luck!