August 28, 2008

Star Struck on MySpace

OMG, I was totally about to blog about some negativity that had been going on in my life recently but when I saw I had a comment from none other than the famous Valeria on my MySpace page I was just soooooo stoked!! Its a pretty rare thing on MySpace for famous people to actually take time to write people.Originally I had left her a MySpace comment on her page after Valeria stated that her new song "Rich and Famous" was suppose to be airing on "The Hills" TV show this past Monday. When I watched the recent episode on YouTube and didn't hear her song, I wrote her...and before ya know it she wrote a little something back... (BTW "SP" is a shortened version of my MySpace nickname, which has been edited out here)

For those of you that don't know her or maybe aren't sure exactly who this chick is, well check-out the video below!

Well of course she didn't really give me an answer as to why her song wasn't aired but...maybe it'll show up on the next episode of "The Hills".

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