September 03, 2008


I'm not talking about the kind you wear during Mardi-Gra or Halloween! I'm talking about facial masks...the ones that treat your facial aliments.

To start off I tried this "Asprin Honey Mask" I had heard so much about. I tried it...I'm not sure I did it very well this go around. I added too much water or something and it didn't smell too appetizing :P Although it was a nice exfoliant. I'll continue using this to see if I get more improved facial results.

Ingredients Needed
Uncoated Aspirin Tablets (To exfoliate and reduce redness)
Honey (Has a natural anti-bacterial affect)
Aloe Vera (To help sooth the skin)
Bottle Water (Clean with no impurities as tap water can be harsh to the skin)

Step 1: Add 2 drops of bottled water on top of each asprin tablet. Wait 5 minutes for asprin to dissolve and smoosh asprin down with your finger.
Step 2: Add about a table spoon of honey and aloe vera to asprin mix. Mix ingredients together.
Step 3: Use a warm wash cloth to clean your face and to open your pores.
Step 4: Next dab the asprin mixture all over your face avoiding your nostrils and eyes. Let sit on your face 10-20 minutes until it dries a bit.
Step 5: Wet your hands with warm water and gently rub in a circular motion on your face to exfoliate the skin. Rinse face with cool water as it helps to close the pores.
Step 6: Apply a moisturizer if needed as the mix may dry out your skin.

If you still need additional help their are a few videos you can watch for further assistance. Interested in more facial masks? Check out this link I found!

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