September 04, 2008

Another Shoe Moment

I recently saw Tila Tequila sporting some Christian Louboutin boots?. Almost forgot that Tila does love shoes...although any shoes over a grand, don't count on me making the purchase. Hmmm...the life of a celebrity, haha.

Anywayyyy I saw these boots and thought these are soo Tokyo right now! hehe.

Also I created a similar boot look to these last year that everyone just loved! It prolly costs in total around $50, I had bought black leather ankle boots from Fashion Bug and paired them with furry black leg warmers I purchased through EBay. Although minus the belt. I got many compliments on them too and everyone thought they were made like that. It was hard finding boots when my calves are so thick.

Also my mom is so big on snow boots in winter time and jeeeez I think they are so ugly! So when I saw this pair get crossed with designer Michael Kors...I about died laughing cuz they're still sooooo fugly.

I love the sheer material on these shoes.
A bit trashy perhaps but okay.
Their is something about Giorgio.

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Jeniffer said...

Neiman Marcus is my most favorite store for shoes.