September 09, 2008

Indoor Orchid Pests

I recently watered my drooping orchid when I noticed one or two leaves getting some discoloration...but when it didn't get much better a few days later I took a closer look.

Today I noticed some tiny little silver specs dancing around the base of my orchid I treated them with a homemade cooking oil, liquid dish detergent and warm water solution I found online. Than I noticed a brown skinny worm about an inch long surface from the soil! Ewwww.

Obviously these buggies aren't going to budge (as they're still doing the rumba on my plant) with this homemade pesticide. So this week looks like I'm going to have to hit up the local garden center for some indoor pesticide killer that's okay for orchids. Hmph! I hate icky bugs, so nasty, my poor plant (u.u,)

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