September 05, 2008

Back to Shades

I found this lovely lamp website and I've narrowed it down on here to two shades that'll fit my lamp(yes, I measured this time, hehe).

Lamp-shade #1 Not the original shape I was going for but I think it'll add a nice slenderness and shape to the lamp, of course it's $10 more than Lamp-shade #2.

Lamp-shade #2 The shape I wanted to begin with to keep that vintage 50's style shade and cheaper than #1 but...I think it'll make my lamp look too top heavy or something.

What do you think?


Lola said...

Both are great, and it is a close call, but I think #2 is slightly better. Did you get a shade yet?

Janet Panda said...

I didn't get the shade yet because I was still in debate really. When I looked back at these photos the other day I agreed with you about the #2 shade. Its just the right era for my overall 50's vintage style room I'm it's cheaper, haha.