September 11, 2008


I was watching VH1 where they have a show called "The Fabulous Life" basically the show talks about how glamorous the lives of celebs can be(it really just makes me sick honestly, haha). So to change things up I told my mom I want to do my version of my...poor and unfab life, ha ha. Anyway here are a few topics that came up...
-She doesn't need a gardener! She can jump on the mower and do it herself(Vroom Vroom).
-She lives at home with her parents where her mother washes her dishes(Lucky girl)!
-She works with million dollar aircraft parts where she gets down and dirty in tire grease.
-She's a regular at a bar full of 40yr old friends, family and people from the local NAAFA.
-Her hair is styled by whatever was up on auction through EBay(So Glamorous Baby)!
-She drives a Limited edition Toyota(Woweee)!

Anyway....guess you had to be their but it was pretty funny.

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