August 26, 2008

My Bedroom Idea

So I've been thinking of many different bedroom ideas for my room and sometimes it gets a bit too hectic in my head so here I've done a quick MS-Paint doodle. This is my vintage modern take consisting of mostly birds...majority of items can be found at Target(black shag rug, white side table, curtain rod, poster image also found on EBay but my square frame is from Ikea) and Urban Outfitters(bird wall decals, bird & snake sheets used as clip up curtains, bird pillow from UO but seen on EBay, deer lamp although this one I have is from EBay so it's bigger and black in color) and the futon I made up which you could probably find one about anywhere(Ikea, Target, etc) or could use a real bed instead of a futon.

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