August 05, 2008


As I was looking at myself in the mirror today at work I noticed that at only a mere 5'4 I'm perhaps lacking in the height department. Of course I look to my shoes of all things because I know that's the only way I get taller anymore. So I thought to myself..."why the h*ll am I wearing the flattest of shoes (Vans) when I am so short?"! I honestly feel these aren't the most feminine or flattering shoes to my figure(although I thought these flat $75 adidas below by Missy Elliot were kinda cute). Also the Nike store had lots of China apparel with the olympics going on and everything (^.^)
So now I'm wondering as to what kicks to wear on my feet that are feminine; can give a 5'4 cutie a boost; cute; comfortable and be good for running around work all day?. I really haven't been shopping for real sneakers in a long time! What do all you other sneaker savvy ladies pick for your latest kicks? Let the hunt for the perfect kicks be continued...

P.S. I also love the tokidoki web layout for the Onitsuka site!

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