August 06, 2008

Good Impressions

Today has been an exhausting one...not just for me but I can see all my co-workers blood, sweat and them going the extra mile to make a good impression today with the big boss being in town. I met my manager for the first time in the 2 years I've been working for this company today(kinda pathetic really). I moved all our aircraft tires to their proper locations. I received in 5 gallon canisters of liquid and made the extra effort to put them away nice and neat. Doesn't help that most of us were cooking inside the hangar with this hot humid weather and no working AC (u.u6)The best part about today is...its my Fridayyyyy with a lovely 3 days off as usual after working 4 10 hour days (^.^) Misoooo Happy!!

P.S. I still say IAD has the best sunsets(photo taken on cell cam today).

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Jen said...

Enjoy the weekend to the fullest!!

Gorgeous sunset to send you off too, how lucky.