August 05, 2008

Tila Nguyen

If their is one Asian woman I'm crazy about its mah girl Tilaaaa Tequilaaaa ( The MySpace Queen!! ). Dang Bobby and Kristy for bein fake a** idiots and breakin her heart too. I love this new pic of hers and those boots are tah die for (^.^) I want themmm...Eeeee! I believe that could be the same top I saw on the Nike site.

She'll also be starting a new show that's all about her and her personal life(can't wait to see it). Sounds better than her trying to find love shows because it just didn't seem real in my opinion. Oh and she has a new single that popped out on her MySpace for just a day last month called "Hideaway" which you can find on YouTube and the song is suppose to be featured on her album(although I don't care much for the song).

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