August 18, 2008

Let the Rumors Begin

Now that my crush and I have been gaining more and more interest in each other and starting to establish more of a relationship status, it has become obvious to those random people around us. None-the-less rumors are starting to surface. I was in major disbelief about all these rumors about my crush so I of course turned to my crush. Besides...if my crush is perhaps being untruthful about busting these rumors to me, it'll only come back to bite him in the bum later down the road if I see the truth for myself. Anyway, I'm putting my trust in him, typically a rare thing on my part for someone I have just begun to know.
Even my own Mother that has never met the guy before and knows little about him of course wants to start her own rumors. Which until recently I've become aware that my own Mother has become a "Et tu, Brute?" in my life. So I no longer want my Mother involved in my relations with anyone I know personally as she has posed a problem with not only my dates but my friends.

Most people may think my Mom is just being a protective Mother but that is not her human nature at all("I wouldn't take a bullet for my daughter", her words to my Uncle). Plus when I look back at my past relations and how they started, my Mother had an impact on how my feelings changed rapidly for a person. So this is now a battle she will not win regardless if I do end up hurt in the end or not.

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Lola said...

I totally know what you mean. For me it's not my mother, but a close friend. I guess in her mind she wants to be supportive/helpful, but unsolicited advice gets old fast. I am glad you've made the decision to just keep the relationship between you and him and not involve others, or at least not to let others impact you so much. It's a tough thing to do, but he sounds great, so congrats.