August 21, 2008


A year ago I received some free items from an EBay seller in Japan and what I thought to be some type of scarves or handkerchiefs they actually really weren't at all. They're better known as "Furoshiki" which are used to wrap around any number of items that needed to carried(gifts, clothes, food, etc). You would place your items in the center of the furoshiki then pull in all four corners accordingly and tie the ends together. These are most often used to place your bento box in and then you could use your furoshiki as a table mat. There are many different ways to fold a furoshiki and they also come in different sizes.
I thought my furoshiki were so interesting and pretty that when I had first received them I placed them into picture frames to hang up on my wall(as I photographed to the above right). Now with the ones I didn't frame I used to wrap up some unused candle jars I had and two small sake bottles(as I photographed to the above left), makes for a nice new display.
Today I also came across this interesting new take on Furoshiki style!

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