July 06, 2016

TJ Maxx Haul

Danielle creations - 6pc cork manicure set ($6.99)
This is one of the handiest items a person can carry on them, I can't even tell you the number of times someone has asked me for tweezers, nail clippers, etc. I don't believe this is made of cork at all, it is just a slightly textured material with gold accents. The nail file and cuticle pusher I really don't have a need for as this nail file isn't very good quality, but everything else gets highly used in these kits. The only thing I feel could make this item better for myself would be if it had a mirror, and compared to my old kit this one doesn't have a set of angled nail clippers which I did prefer over these regular nail clippers.
MMSxDS - backpack ($29.99)
For the price, I felt this was a good deal for something that doesn't look as boring as your everyday JanSport. It's not a huge backpack but it seems big enough for my university life starting in fall. It has lots of pockets and a divider inside its stripped interior. Yes, I do seem to have a love for black and gold accessories so, it's not too surprising that I'd like this.
By Nature - body wash and body lotion ($4.99 ea.)
This coconut and ocean mineral body wash smells amazing so if you love coconut scented things then this will probably be right up your alley. Although this product doesn't have SPF this is still reminiscent to myself as I have a weird obsession with SPF products as the chemical smell is so appealing to me, and my boyfriend will even tell you how I have smelled like the beach/ocean this year. I think mentally I relate those products to warm days at my aunt's pool in San Diego as a kid and she would lather me up in coconut scented sunblock that smelled like coconut cream pie so, I have been hooked ever since whether it is a dominant coconut scent or has SPF in it (both combined would be amazing to me!).

I also got the papaya and manuka honey body lotion and it smells okay (oddly like strawberries in a paper-bag to me), pretty similar to the Freakin Genius lotion although not as strong (and the Freakin Genius stuff bugged my allergies too much for me to continue using it).

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