January 17, 2016

Beauty Products, Hit and Miss


Yes to Tomatoes, Detoxifying Charcoal Mud Mask
I believe this is my first time trying a YTT product and I bought this on a whim because I had been wanting to try out a charcoal based product for awhile now. Happily I found this actually made my pores appear smaller with each use which is great because I haven't found any new products to help shrink my 30+yr old pores lately. This mask also seems to remove a bit differently than regular mud masks (which generally dissolve like nothing when removing) so, if you're tired of the same-ole-same mud mask than this could be for you. I do feel like this product also helps bring out some gunk from the skin as well which I found to be different, and my skin also looked brighter after using this. This product can be a bit drying so if you have dry skin you may only want to only use this every so often, and maybe just as a spot treatment on enlarged pore areas.

Burts Bees, Facial Cleansing Oil
I do like this oil based face wash and these types of products seem to be a growing trend lately. I actually found my lashes seem to grow out more when using this product since it is more on the moisturizing side and I love how this feels when I'm massaging it on my face. My skin in general does seem to look more glowy when using this as well. However, I noticed I can't use this everyday really because it has nothing to help prevent acne (which isn't a major issue for me normally) so, a few times a week I still have to use a salicylic acid based face wash to help prevent things like pimples from happening. I also like that this claims to be 100% natural as well.

Physicians Formula, Mineral Pressed Powder 
I may have mentioned this product before but honestly this powder offers the best coverage of any pressed powder I have ever tried. So much so that I find it doesn't really matter the coverage I get from concealer or liquid foundation because this stuff just gets all the not-so covered areas of skin flawlessly. It gives a nice glowy satin finish to the skin which looks natural although if you get this in translucent I don't find it be a true translucent powder as it will look the color of the product. A little of this can go a long way so if you have wrinkles you may want to avoid those areas a bit and if you have oily skin than this may not stay very well on your skin type as I'd recommend this more for dry skin types. One other thing to mention is if you use blush or bronzer, etc than just know that not all blush/bronzer/etc seem to show up well on top of this product as it can kind of just disappear into this powder but, you should be able to find something that does work without problems.

SheaMoisture, SuperFruit Complex Body Wash
Lately I have been trying to buy more natural or organic based beauty products (because the past few years I have been obsessed with doing detox baths) and while I have tried this brands other body washes this particular one has become my new fave (they also make this in a body wash/bubble bath but I prefer the one that just say body wash on it as the ingredients are slightly different). I don't feel these products really do what they claim to do on the bottle but I love how my skin smells after using this scent.

Freakin' Genius, Strawberry Yogurt Body Lotion
I had to order this online (since they don't have a location near me which sells this product) and while I don't care for the lack of online customer service I was glad to actually get this product after waiting a week or so for it to get to my house. This product smells super yummy (I heard about this from Trisha Paytas on YouTube) and I'm always skeptical of buying certain products without being able to try them first, but if you like the scent of sweet strawberries and cream than this will probably be right up your alley. I haven't used this product that long though to say how moisturizing I feel it is, but thus far it just seems a bit average to me in that area.

Anfora, Body Oil
I bought this product on a whim at Walmart (it may take you a minute to find it in the Spanish beauty product area) and while this doesn't have a lot of ingredients to it I'm not sure it's probably the best for your skin, but this does seem to work nicely on the bumps on the back of my upper arms (which is a skin problem I've had forever and I believe it is Keratosis Pilaris) and not many things really help remedy that issue for me but this seems to help (for some great KP remedies click here). This product does smell of roses although does not appear to have rose oil in it as this appears to mainly be made up of liquid parrafin which is a very highly refined mineral oil.


Pixi, Glow Tonic
I have seen rave reviews all over the internet on this product and I had been very skeptical to purchase it based on its fairly average everyday ingredients (you could probably make your own honestly, and if you didn't know Aloe Vera is an exfoliant so don't go thinking it's some miracle exfoliating toner). Finally I tried it and honestly I found this didn't do much of anything for my skin at all aside from removing some makeup residue. It seems to be a mild face toner and honestly I feel I have much better toning products than this one but if you have very sensitive skin than this may be a toner for you.

Estee Lauder, Advanced Night Repair Eye
I got this as part of a Christmas gift last year and had high hopes this may help my eyes (mainly wrinkles) but unfortunately it didn't really do anything for me. For $58 I would have to suggest saving your money for something else if you want to conquer wrinkles (it could possibly help prevent future wrinkles) although I do like that this dries enough you could wear it in the daytime under your makeup.

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