November 16, 2015

Lorac Mega PRO Palette 2 - Review

I got the Lorac Mega PRO Palette 2 at Ulta for $59 (before tax) and it came with a free mini Lorac Pro Plus Fiber mascara with this at checkout. As far as the higher-end eyeshadow palettes at Ulta go.. I do seem to love Lorac's the best of all because they're just nicely pigmented and soft with nice colors. This is my second eyeshadow palette purchase from Lorac as I also have the Unzipped palette. I do feel the Unzipped palette eyeshadows are actually a bit better quality compared to this palette.
On my eyes I'm wearing Custard, Sugar, Burlap, Gold Leaf, and Black
In this palette I found the lighter off-white shades not really as pigmented as the medium to darker shades, and most all the shades are either a matte or satin finish (which I love) although Black Ivy really seemed to be the only shade that was matte with a slight glitter in it. Keep in mind what I'm calling a "satin" Lorac calls a "shimmer". The shades with a * I felt were probably my favorite shades in this palette, although I do feel this is a really nice palette of natural earth tone shades.

Porcelain - Light matte off-white shade
Bisque - A bright light off-white matte shade with a pink undertone
Sugar - A slightly more muted version of Porcelain and it's a satin
Moonlight - A satin off-white shade with a yellow/white-gold undertone

Custard - An off-white matte nude/skintone shade
Lavender* - A matte pale lavender shade
Chiffon - A matte pale light pink shade
Seashell - Similar to Moonlight but has more of a pink undertone

Tawny - A matte medium orange-tan shade, almost like a matte version of Peony, very pigmented
Purple - A deep matte medium-dark purple shade, very pigmented
Prosecco* - A satin light taupe shade
Peony - A satin peachy/coral shade

Burlap - A matte medium tan shade with a yellow undertone, very pigmented
Sorbet* - A muted matte medium pink-taupe shade, very pigmented
Soft Plum - A muted satin medium purple-taupe shade
Dk. Sienna - A deep brown shade with a satin copper finish, very pigmented

Melon* - A bright medium matte peach shade, very pigmented
Goji* - A deep medium matte muted burgundy shade, very pigmented
Cinnamon - A medium satin tan brown shade with a gold tint
Penny - A medium satin brown shade with almost an olive undertone and bronze finish, very pigmented

Tangerine* - A bright but muted matte medium orange shade, very pigmented
Cabernet - A deep matte muted purple taupe shade, very pigmented
Sand Stone - A medium satin taupe shade with a silver tint, very pigmented
Olivine - Similar to sandstone but lighter with more of a gold tint, very pigmented

Saddle - A medium matte brown taupe shade
Ash - A medium-dark matte gray shade with almost a purple undertone, very pigmented
Gunmetal - A medium satin silver gray shade
Gold Leaf* - A medium-light bright satin yellow gold shade, very pigmented

Forest - A deep muted matte forest green shade, very pigmented
Black - A deep matte slate black shade, very pigmented
Blue Quartz* - A deep satin watery blue shade with a lighter blue tint, very pigmented
Black Ivy - A deep matte black shade slightly darker than the shade Black with silver flecks, very pigmented

Colors I like together... 

Tangerine and Gold Leaf
Blue Quartz and Gunmetal
Forest and Sandstone

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