June 20, 2014

NYX at Target

NYX Butter Gloss
I was so excited this week to see that Target is actually carrying NYX products now (or already has been for some time since some of the gloss I found was on clearance) but all I found at the Target I went to was the NYX butter gloss. I think I am actually liking the butter gloss better than the soft matte lip creams since they're more moisturizing and the butter gloss is a bit more sheer so if you don't really layer on the color it looks more natural as both those are build-able in terms of color and coverage.

NYX Butter Gloss in Merengue

I ended up getting the NYX butter gloss in "Merengue" which is a really cute pink with a slight blue undertone to it, and on clearance was "Red Velvet" which is an interesting glossy red that can be toned down to look a bit more cherry in color.

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