May 09, 2014

Kukui Oil + Coconut Oil

One product company I have a love-hate relationship with is Organix as I find several of the products to smell amazingly wonderful. On the downside I find that these products do nothing for my hair so, I really wish they would come out with some body spray or bath products. I recently got the Kukui Oil the other day and honestly I found it actually made my naturally curly hair frizzy rather than making it anti-frizzy as the products claims.
Believe it or not I did actually figure out how I could remedy this great smelling but otherwise useless product to work better for my hair, and that was to add in about a tablespoon of some unscented liquid coconut cooking oil. Coconut Oil is great to use to remedy frizzy hair and since the Kukui oil has no water in it, the liquid coconut oil mixed-in perfectly with this product and I actually think it helped make the Kukui scent last longer.

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