June 27, 2013

Physicians Formula Organic Wear Mascara - Review

The other day I 'tweeted' about having received a sweet compliment about how lovely my lashes looked and it happened to be the same day I changed mascaras, and from a perfect stranger. That being said I was glad I found this Physician Formula Organic Wear Fake Out Mascara at Walmart which was a 'buy one get one free pack' at the store so, for under $9 for 2 it was coming home with me.
I would probably compare this mascara to CoverGirls LashBlast mascara's, although I find the PF to be a bit more on the wet side, less eye irritating, and it does remove more easily (for once I was wishing to find a waterproof version of this mascara but it doesn't appear one exists). Since the formula of this is wetter than the CG I find the PF to provide better/easier lash coverage. The main thing you may also like about this mascara is that it is natural, hence "organic wear".
Physicians Formula Mascara after using a Maybelline lash curler
*EyeShadow used is Maybelline's eyeshadow duo in Indian Summer.

For another online review I found on this product checkout the link below!

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