June 30, 2013

Loreal vs. Banana Boat - Sunless Tanner Reviews

I've tried many different drugstore sunless tanners over the years and today I wanted to compare my two favorites. L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Lotion (in 'medium natural tan') and Banana Boat Sunless Tan Lotion (in 'deep dark color').
L'Oreal Sublime 

Banana Boat 
--------------Comparison Review--------------
Cost: With the LS tanner the cost is higher than BB's and the LS is also less product, thus making the LS cost twice the amount of BB.
Bronzing: The BB gives you that insta-bronze when first applied which can help you during application to avoid streaks and missed spots, while the LS goes on looking like lotion so you have to pay closer attention during application. However, the bronzing from the BB can tend to look streaky even after trying to blend it on as evenly as possible.
SPF: The LS does contain an SPF unlike the BB so, the LS will keep you protected if you are out in the sun unlike the BB.
Scent: The LS scent is strong compared to BB's, the scent is not as pleasant as the BB. When the product is washed off the LS scent is still noticeable while BB's scent is actually one of the best I've smelled for any drugstore tanner and I don't find what's left of the scent to really linger at all.
Develop Time: The LS specifies it takes 2-3 hours to develop but preferably 3 hours. BB does not specify when you can wash off the developing product but it does give you an insta-bronze tan once applied. After around 3 hours the developing tanners look about the same on, the BB is still darker than the LS due to the insta-bronzer still being on but once you rinse off the products after they've had time to develop the two tanners look about the same although the BB seems to give better coverage and thus looks a bit tanner on as an end result. Also, BB's streaky insta-bronzer seems to disappear after washing it off and I wouldn't say these products turn you orange... after two applications of the stuff from applying it two days straight my mom thought I was wearing a nice looking natural colored pair of panty-hose, haha.
Lasting Power: For myself I find the LS only lasts around 1-3 days while the BB generally stays on 3-7 days.
Packaging: I find the BB packaging better because the product is forced to the bottom of the bottle unlike with the LS which I ended up having to pound out the product after prolonged use of this, while the BB bottle is also more squeezable in comparison to LS's hard upright-top container.
Dry Time: The LS took longer to dry than the BB as the BB felt dry enough to put on clothing after an hour.
Other: I find that the BB does not breakout my face in acne unlike the LS, neither product actually suggests this to be used on your face specifically. Although I would advise that you wash the product off your face after several hours to reduce any chance you may breakout. Currently the BB actually seems to be more readily available at various stores than this specific LS product.
--------------Overall Winner--------------
It's pretty easy to see the pro's of the BB based on my own personal experiences of both products which is why the BB has now become my #1 choice among drugstore tanners.

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