November 20, 2012

Easy Pumpkin Pie - Recipe

My mom and I made some reallyyyy good pumpkin pies a few years back and we altered it slightly along the way of us creating and learning how to make an awesomely perfect pumpkin pie and it's really simple too! This recipe I'm posting makes 2 pies.
Pie Mix
1 Can - Libby's Pumpkin
1 Tbsp - Pumpkin Pie Spice (add more if desired)
2 Cans - Evaporated Milk
2 Cups - White Sugar
1 Tbsp - Vanilla Extract
4 Large - Eggs, beaten

2 Frozen Traditional Size - Pre-Made Pie Crusts
1 Container - Whip Cream (Optional)
1 Box - Aluminum Foil

Combine the 'Pie Mix' ingredients in a large bowl and mix by hand until the ingredients are completely blended together. Place your pre-made pie crust on top of a sheet of some aluminum foil and bring up the outside edges of the foil to cover over the pie crust edges (this will keep your pie crust from burning on the outside). Pour your mix evenly into both pre-made pie crusts, and tap the pan down a few times to help the mixture settle and release any air bubbles. Place the pie on the top center rack of your pre-heated oven (important so that your pies cook faster and get a nice baked color in the center). Pies may take longer to bake than the Libby Pumpkin directions state (as mine did). Once cooked, let cool and then place in the fridge. Serve a slice of pie on a plate with some whip cream on top, eat and enjoy ;)

*As a side note I had no problem freezing these pies (the pies stayed intact with the crust once thawed out). Also, if you have pumpkin pie batter leftover from the 2 pies you can make a few pumpkin pie cupcakes on the side (or maybe mix it with some Bisquick for a pumpkin pancake recipe). It's also very important to whip or beat the eggs thoroughly before adding it to the mix (otherwise it will leave odd whited areas on your finished pie).
If you'd like to make your own whip cream then here's a quick recipe...

Whip Cream
1/2 Cup - Heavy Cream
1/2 Tsp - Vanilla Extract
2 Tbsp - Powdered Sugar

Beat all the ingredients in a bowl with an electric mixer until soft peaks form.

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