October 29, 2012

Simple Faux Corset

What you'll need...

Sewing Needle
Thread (to match your shirt)
6mm Ribbon
Shirt (you'll want a snug fitting shirt)
Hole Reinforcement Labels
Lighter (with parental supervision)

Lay your shirt out flat with the side you'll be putting your corset on facing up. Using a ruler and chalk (our freehand a design) measure and mark where you'll be making your thread loops (you can also do a curved line or make parts of your design smaller and some wider as another possible option for a corset design). It doesn't matter how many loops you make vertically but you need a loop across from each loop made (keep in mind the longer the shirt/outfit the more loops you will probably have to make). I spaced my loops about an inch and a half above the other and about 4 inches horizontally from the other (you can space them however far apart you like, the shirt I used was an XXL size).
1. Place the labels where you want to create your loops at. Try on the shirt if you want to double check where you'll be making your loops at (better safe than sorry!). Next you'll want to pull some thread through your needle and knot both ends together.
2. Starting from the inside of your shirt you'll want to make 3 passes through the shirt going vertically.
3. Make 2 passes under those going horizontally to keep the loop in place, then tie off the loop inside the shirt and snip off the thread so you can repeat this step with the rest of the loops you need to make. Once the loops are done, remove your stickers and wash your shirt to remove the chalk. Next, use your ribbon to lace it through the loops you made, you'll lace it how you typically would with sneakers and then make a bow to finish it (you can either start lacing it from the top of the shirt or the bottom like I did with mine). Snip your ribbon when you have the length you want, carefully use a lighter at the ends of the snipped ribbon to keep the ribbon from fraying by melting it.

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