October 30, 2012

Adult Shirley Temple - Drink Recipe

I was up late during "Franken-storm" Sandy and happened to stumble across a few adult beverages in my pantry to thus invent my own drink (maybe this recipe has already been done before but if so I didn't find it online). It turned out to taste similar to that of a Shirley Temple (minus the hint of citrus because I can't consume that stuff) although... an adult version! A sweet pinkish colored drink, perfect for breast cancer awareness month, a girls night in (like mine!), or even Valentine's Day.
Schweppes, Tonic Water
Smirnoff, Whipped Cream Vodka
Rose's, Grenadine
Ice cubes
Start by adding a few ice cubes into a martini glass, then pour in the tonic water almost to the top of the glass, add in about an ounce of vodka, and next add a splash of grenadine. Not shakin' or stirred ;) Drink responsibly and enjoy!

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