October 08, 2012

Liquid Foundation Comparison

I have been wanting to post a comparison of these two liquid foundations for some time now, so finally... here it is! Maybelline SuperStay 24Hr Makeup VS. Revlon ColorStay Makeup.
Not Actual Size
Maybelline SuperStay 24Hr Makeup
Price: $10.99
Size: 30ml
Claims: 24hr Staying Power, Oil-Free
Formula: Micro-Flex
SPF: None
This liquid foundation in comparison to Revlon's is much thicker and dries truer to the bottles color. Since it is thicker it does seem to give better coverage than Revlon's formula although it's not as long lasting. This doesn't contain an SPF so it won't help protect against UV rays like Revlon's however, it also means you won't be getting that SPF white cast on your face which makes this product more ideal for flash photography. This is an oil-free formula unlike Revlon's (which didn't state that it was oil-free or not) so it's possibly more optimal for acne prone skin although, I didn't breakout with either product. I don't find the staying power nearly as good as Revlon's but I did feel this product does start off looking better, dries a bit quicker on the skin and blends better which cuts down on harsh makeup lines. This product is probably better suited for drier skin types since it does turn a bit oily looking on the face after a few hours.

Revlon ColorStay Makeup
Price: $12.99
Size: 30ml
Claims: 24hr Staying Power
Formula: Soft-Flex
SPF: Yes
This liquid foundation in comparison to Maybelline's is much more runny and it seems to dry slightly darker then when it's wet thus drying time takes a bit longer than Maybelline's. Due to it being runny this doesn't seem to give you as great of coverage as with Maybelline's thicker formula although the formula seems to last longer over time (a little goes a long way!) because of its consistency, making the product worth the extra money. This product does contain a small amount of SPF unlike Maybelline's however, this SPF does give you a white cast/glow that SPF tends to do so, this foundation won't be flash photograph friendly when worn by itself (although I always set my liquid foundation with a face powder which does help to cut down on the SPF glare and gives you more of a natural dewey/glow finish). Unlike Maybelline's foundation this brand comes in two different formulas... one for normal/dry skin and the other for combination/oily skin and I would've thought the products consistency may have changed between the two but they seemed the same to me so... I'm not sure the difference. I also didn't find this foundation to really blend into the skin so you do want to try to get the best shade for your skin tone to avoid creating harsh makeup lines. This product also does seem to have decent staying power compared to Maybelline's (Revlon is much more workout/sweat friendly!).

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