October 14, 2012

Creamed Tuna on Toast - Recipe

Having asked a friend what his favorite thing to eat was (mind you he eats everything!) he told me it was "creamed tuna on toast" (which for him ranked before Prime Rib). I've made tuna salad plenty of times but I had never heard of this before so... I decided to try it out, and I hope you enjoy this recipe I made (I do believe it could almost be comparable to 'biscuits and gravy')! Their are many variations and substitutes for this recipe so, you can definitely alter it to your personal liking but this is how I liked it (after a few failed blunders and alterations, heh).

1 tbsp - Salted Butter
2 tbsp - All Purpose Flour 
1 cup - Milk 
1 can - Tuna (or salmon), canned (drained)
1/2 tbsp - Old Bay seasoning
2 to 4 slices - Toast (Biscuits, Fettuccine Noodles, or White Rice)

How to
In a small pot or skillet on medium-low heat add in your milk and butter, stir until the butter melts completely. Add in your flour, Old Bay seasoning, and continuing stirring until the mixture thickens and becomes smooth. Stir in the tuna, cook until hot. Turn off the heat, remove pan from burner, let sit for about 5 minutes to cool, stir before serving. Serve on-top toast, eat and enjoy!

*You could even stir in around 1/4 cup frozen peas when adding in your milk if you'd like. If you're wondering what type of bread to use for your toast this recipe is typically 'white bread' I believe, but I think it may also be good on some 'sour dough bread'.

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