June 07, 2012

Light Fluid Iceberg - Perfume Dupe

I recently purchased this perfume hoping it would be a dupe for Imporio Armani's discontinued scent called White (for her). Honestly it does smell very similar and has the same essence as White (both are a spicy oriental scent) but the story of it is a smidge different. Light Fluid when first sprayed seems to have this quick sting of citrus that shoots out and rapidly turns into a billow of black pepper for the first minute or so (I don't care too much for that part but it does quickly change!). Once the pepper smell subsides it turns into the nice soft scent that White has which is a subtle musk that is soft and a tad sweet, almost like Downy sheets minus any fresh laundry smell (heh). Light Fluid is also less inexpensive than White as I got this 3.4oz bottle on eBay for 15 dollars in total. Some people say that Light Fluid doesn't last that long but I sprayed on several sprays before leaving the house and over 12 hours later I could still smell this on myself so, that's good enough for me! I like that this scent is not one that's overpowering and it just makes me feel a bit more peppier throughout my day ;)

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