December 06, 2011

My Thanksgiving Break

I've been a bit busy lately with things but I'm finally back and posting again :P I decided to take some time off of work for Thanksgiving week however, I didn't make any travel plans (although I had been thinking of going to San Francisco and I probably could have went, grr..) and ended up trying to find things to do with all my free time...

I managed to watch two new movies...Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1 (or Breaking Womb as some people have been saying, LOL) and also J. Edgar (not my pick to watch but my dad wanted to see it). I really wanted to see the movie The Descendants but for some reason not many theatres around here are showing it??? WTHeck! Aside from movies I found out that one of the sushi places (Asian Garden) I go to around town (ok...the ONLY decent sushi place around this town) had NOT actually went out of business but had moved a lil bit down the street. OH! I did manage to find another sushi place (well, they serve a mix of Asian cuisine and are a bit world traveler with the music selection) and although I didn't try the sushi I did get some decent and made-to-order shrimp pad thai (although, 99% of the deserts are store bought) and I'll def be checking out Kazu again in the near future.

I even had time to meet up with a new net friend of mine and we ate a horrible meal at AppleBees where I got the Dijon Chicken with Mushrooms... so, I'm def not going back anytime soon :P My Thanksgiving day was spent with my dads family, good times as usual. Aside from getting my 7 math assignments completed during the break I also built an outdoor cat house with my dads' friend (sorry, no pics yet) and it took us around 5 hours to build, but it doesn't look like I'll be painting, idk. Anywhooo...his cat Squekers figured out what it was and now enjoys snoozing inside it ;D

I also went to The Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, MD and there was sooo much art and artifacts that I did start to get a bit bored of it after awhile, heh. However, it was interesting to view the pamphlets of Archimedes as I learned that it was made from animal skin and has gone through tons of damage like... water, fire, wine spills, WWI, restoration, overlapped writing, candle wax, bad storage conditions, and riddled with bacteria (gross huh?). I also got to eat at G and M restaurant while out that way and the cream of crab soup was pretty tasty, similar to a she-crab soup.

Last but not least I also got in some web and store shopping during Black Friday and throughout the holiday weekend. Got a great deal on a tablet (early x-mas gift from my dad) and I bought myself a flat screen tv...which is pretty sweet, buuuut...I don't want to gloat or whatever since I'm feeling uber broke now, eheh. I also realized that it's the first tv I've ever actually purchased, as the ones in my past were either my parents old tv or handed down to me by someone else. So, maybe when I get some more $$$ I can afford to buy a wall mount, eheh (x.x)... no hurry. I have also been watching older movies recently on my free month of Netflix, since it means catching up on movies I have been meaning to watch that are no longer available at RedBox :P

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