June 01, 2011

Time On My Hands

I recently decided my makeup collection was lacking in blush shades so I opted to purchase a cheap 28 palette I found on eBay. I believe this palette might be similar to one that Coastal Scents used to carry although its not on their website, so...I'm really not certain (my mom and I actually didn't like the 6 blush palette we got from CS). Anyway, I kind of hate when palettes don't have named colors so I took the liberty of naming my palette shades (BTW this might help if you follow my makeup tutorials).
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Unfortunately my "Mango Maguro" arrived broken on my palette, but I suppose it's to be expected when it comes all the way from China. These are nicely pigmented, some are nice 'n soft in texture, very few have shimmer to them as most are a matte finish. These blend well, seem to last, can be intensified if needed and so far I'd definitely recommend them. I'm pretty certain I'd wear every color on this palette. The only possible downside is that a few of these colors are very similar in color to each other and some people might prefer a bigger pot to make better use of a larger blush brush but I don't really mind alternating between a smaller and larger brush during application.


Jenny said...

Well at least only 1 was broken & you have SO many shades to choose from now!

MISO-HAPPY said...

IKR! Am so glad I finally have some different shades of blush :D