June 14, 2011

Chuck the Duece Up

A few weeks ago I picked up this versatile beach cover-up from Wal-Mart (comes in a few other colors as well) that you can transform and wear several different ways. I didn't realize it was a little sheer till I got home but oh well...not really concerned as I'm not going to be totally nude under the thing anyway :P

ZOMG, I had to resist buying the new Hello Kitty Vans that recently came out! I just wish they had better styles to pick from (don't think they have men styles in Hello Kitty, lolz), otherwise I would've HAD to have them.

I'm still hunting for a decent pair of flip-flops this year to replace my cute gold Candies but I haven't found any that I just had to have yet. These ones from Vera Wang I saw today are kinda cute but IDK if I want them (so indecisive, right?!).
Yes, I am bringin' back banana-clips!!!
I also dyed my hair the other week (I used Nice'n Easy 103) as I was trying to tone down the red in my hair to a nice caramel blonde shade (similar to Kim Kardashian's). My mom said how she usually isn't a fan of skin color that matches the hair color, but she liked it on me so...laaa. I like how it turned out too and am not disappointed I couldn't find the originally dye color I was thinking of buying. BTW it's all about makeup application for me (and occasionally sunless tanners), that's how I pull off so many different hair colors, shhh.
Very Fafi at the bottom!
I really want this Nicki Minaj CD, I'm hooked and love her music and makeup (geez there are sooo many makeup tuts on her, yowza!). Her music just makes me wanna have fun and not really give a F*** :P haha.


D.Sadie said...

I love that cover-up! It's so cute. I didn't know Walmart had stuff like this. =) Great blog. New follower. It'd be great if we could follow each other.


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MISO-HAPPY said...

Thanks, yea ya never know what stuff you'll find there sometimes, haha.