July 19, 2010

BlackBerry Curve 8530 Review

I just switched out my old 8330 B-Berry Curve for this newer one the BlackBerry Curve 8530 this past weekend. The main new features I noticed was it does have a wi-fi connection, it also has gotten rid of that annoying roller bar and been replaced with a touch-pad type device. My dad and I both agree that the icons look a bit similar to one another at first and you do have to hover over the icon to see what it actually does for the most part. It is slimmer then my old 8330 and my old case doesn't exactly work properly with this newer one, neither does the old charger (which I hate because the old charger fit a lot of other devices I own). The Sim Card in the back is also no longer hidden under the battery but off to the side in its own compartment, the back cover is also removed by lifting it up rather then sliding it up off the phone. I'm not so sure the battery life on the 8530 works for very long in comparison with the 8330.
I do think the photos come out great until you start zooming in and then they gradually get very grainy looking, there is no flash on the 8530 and this has a 5x zoom where I believe the 8330 is 3x zoom, another interesting thing I noticed that 1-3x pictures send at their biggest size, where as 4x gets smaller and 5x is the smallest sized image.

Upon using the phone it has a bit too many options for my taste so it took me a bit of customizing to show the items I wanted and how I wanted them to be shown, I don't exactly need several different icons showing me the same message (emails, text, etc). I also can send multiple photo's at once which is cool because it was annoying having to send one at a time before. I also find their web browser a bit more user friendly with more apps that work and net images and pages that all actually upload nicely, you also have a zoom capability on it. Overall I do like what it offers over the 8330 and I'm sure I'll get use to all the new junk it has as time progresses...but why couldn't my dad get me the purple one instead of red? heh.

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