February 17, 2010

Polish Haul

I went into Trade Secret this past weekend in hopes of perhaps finding some new Essie polish that I'd end up wearing to Hawaii...instead I picked up several new colors by OPI >.< which I didn't buy for my trip, heh.
Atleast the cute punk-esq lady at the register loved my OPI pix as much as me ;P Colors from left to right..."Panda-Monium Pink" although this looks like a lavender rather then pink(obviously I couldn't resist any polish with panda in it, lol), "Hot & Spicy" which is an interestingly yummy orange color that reminds me of the sauce put on Spicy Tuna Rolls(again, I can't resist the AZN-ness in this new Hong Kong collection from OPI, hah) and "Absolutely Alice" from the new Alice in Wonderland collection(this is cute on toes and would probably be awesome for 4th of July) this is a thick blue glitter polish with some silver and black glitter mixed in (I can honestly say I haven't seen one like this yet).
I had no idea that CVS is selling Seche Vite and Barielle nail products, where have I been?! I'm hoping this Barielle nail hardener will help my nails from peeling and such, I'll have to review both of these once I've used 'em for awhile. BTW Seche Vite seems awesome as a fast dry topcoat polish but extremely smelly, fwwww...time to get some fresh air.

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