February 16, 2010

Packing for Hawaii

I got 3 new pairs of shoes for my Hawaii trip, of course I tried to keep them Hawaiian inspired without being too tourist-esq ;P

The first pair on the left are really cute brown platform heels with hibiscus shaped flowers on the front straps, I got 'em at Target and figured these would be great for a night out on the town in Hawaii (I found them comfy for being so tall). The middle skater sneakers are my Dustin Dollin Vans which I blogged about before, the colors and style remind me of waves, very cute on girls for a guys shoe ;) These will be great for all that walking and sight seeing. 

The flip flips on the right are also from Target and I had such a hard time debating this watery turquoise color or yellow(available in other colors), I also liked these because they aren't your generic plastic $2 flops (I think that trend is over with for now, heh), these will be nice when beach combing comes into play. The tiny dragon detailing on the flip flops I also found appealing because Hawaii is Asian inspired ;P
I pretty much picked out all my clothes and jewelry for my trip today, ended up packing older clothing items rather then my new stuff, figures. I even managed to make a beach styled ankle bracelet tonight (hopefully it doesn't fall apart, lolz) and I painted my nails, which instead of using a coral red on my toes I opted for China Glaze in "For Audrey", its actually pretty cute and I'll share some more pics of it all at a later time.

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