December 19, 2009

Rant Time

I've been thinking of keeping my blog here instead of moving like I was thinking about doing in an earlier post. I definitely plan on changing things up in my posts, trying to be more productive here and stop waiting months to upload my photos and just get my posts OUT here, ugh...I'm such the procrastinator at times. I hope to get more graphic stuff going *pray* that it all works here. I'm going to relax a bit more when writing...not really giving a sh*t and baring all is kinda my style, hahah...OK, I'm not a total b*tch so don't read me wrong ;P I just feel I had ran into a few snags MONTHS back with my blog earlier in the year and I kinda miss airing my biz, lol. I think perhaps sharing more of my personal style might be kinda interesting...or perhaps lack of style...IDK but whatever, all I can be is myself.

As for other news I celebrated my B-Day with Mr. Sweety this week which...was really all I wanted and it was so much more then I expected it to be. He also came baring gifts, a cute Aeropostale hoodie and MY HOME TEAM San Diego Chargers mug ;P I can't believe he got me the mug, I know he's hatin' on mah team with him being a Steelers fan(and they've been doing better this year then his team, lolz). We even danced salsa all Wednesday night, OMG, super fun but IDK whats with these bartenders here acting like whatever tip you leave them is NEVER enough. Anywhooo...he has became my new friend this year and for almost a year now we have managed to keep a friendship(we started hanging out last X-Mas Eve when he ran after me leaving work and surprisingly full-on smooched me, ahaha). Oddly enough he is probably the biggest secret I've kept this my family and 99% of my co-workers haven't a clue about our relationship, eep.

Due to the blizzard blowing in the DC area tonight I won't be driving home in "Made in Japan"(thats what I call my car BTW) because its rear wheel drive and no ABS so it really sux in the winter weather. I will be camping out at a nearby hotel by work tonight, loading up on groceries from the closest gas station ;P Did someone say Ramen?! LOL. I can't wait to take a warm bath...had a longggg past few days and haven't been home since my B-Day.

As for other news, I got a new addition to my fish tank...found a baby guppy fry swimming about during a water change, can't wait to watch it grow up! My parents are currently fish-sitting for me ;D Also I'm working on a new 2010 layout for M-H...lots of little time...and trying to turn it into what I happening, lol. Okay well I gotta jet and get to my room now so...catch ya readers later!

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