November 28, 2009

Happy Holidays

I did some re-decorating to my layout tonight, hope you enjoy my non-traditional design I created. Hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving and bought many great things during Black Friday ;DOMG, this vid totally reminds me of my dwarf hamster "Sandy the Man Candy", haha. Well instead mine had bit my finger one day and I flicked at him in response and then in his response he flipped over onto his back and threw a squeak tantrum, heh, guess you had to their.

Looks like something I'd do ;P Cuteeee Kitteh


Mimz said...

Loving the pink layout, so plush! Cooper is adorable!!

Lala said...

I always read your blog, I'm so glad to see there ARE people that actually create there own web designs.

MISO-HAPPY said...

Aww thanks so much everyone, I adore Cooper the Cat for realz, LOLZ