July 09, 2009

Nike Hunt

I've been on the hunt for a colorful pair of Nike's...where I actually dig the color scheme. I ended up finding a pair of Nike Air Prestige II...on clearance for $39.99, last size 10 they had for 'em at LFL (lucky me! hehe). Now that I know what size I wear in Nike's I can attempt to buy 'em online...which was part of my Nike objective as I've seen tons online that are better then the ones I've seen in the stores (the stores where I hardly get any help from the little teenie boppers working in their).
This color scheme reminds me of Doraemon...is that odd? haha. The other cool thing is that my China Glaze polish from the Kicks 2009 collection has the same dark color blue (Sky High-Top)as on these shoes, woot for matching.

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