June 30, 2009

Share some Cooking

I did some cooking this past weekend and made some type of Filipino style rice stuff...just a recipe I tried to dupe from Mr. Shy's Mom...although I wish the white rice had more flavor to it than mine did this time. It consisted of raisins, tomato peel, white rice and some Mirin. Oopsie, I know what I forgot now...diced red onion & diced fried potato (no wonder it tasted plain!).My hot-dogs as a Spam type of replacement came out pretty tasty. I took a hot-dog, sliced long ways in half (but not cut all the way through), fried it on med-low flame with a pan full of Aloha brand teriyaki sauce(from World Market) and sprinkled some roasted sesame seeds on top. Yummy, but bit on the heavy side :P I guess this is my own recipe concoction...but I'm sure it's been done before as with most things.

P.S. Instead of sliced tomatoes with pepper on the side Mr. Shy's Mom had fresh apples and oranges...not that it really matters...does it? heh.


Thrila said...


Just out of curiosity, where does Mr. Sweetie and his mom hail form in the Philippines? I've been eating Filipino food just about all my life (thanks mom) and I have never had anything like that @_@ Maybe it's just a family thing, though I have had white rice with spam, it is so good <3

If you haven't had it yet, try lumpia shanghai (or prito if you want veggies instead of meat) or pansit, most people who are new to Filipino food end up really liking those two things.

MISO-HAPPY said...

Actually...I mean Mr. Shy...whoops, my mistake. Mr. Sweety is the one that is not so sweet and Mr. Shy is the Filipino, wow...no wonder I don't relationship blog here much anymore, lol. Oh well, I'll edit this post and correct it.

Mr. Shy...I believe it's Baguio that he's from although...I could be wrong. :/ never can tell with Mr. Shy on these things.

Actually my Step-Mom makes lumpia (as she's Filipino)and OMG, it's sooo good and she makes it look soo easy...I haven't seen her in about 12yrs though but she turned me on to certain snack items at the Asian stores which is probably how I got into going to the Asian stores at home now, hehe.

Anyway my Step Mom won't tell me everything she puts in her lumpia but I do remember it having meat and some type of veggies and she took the egg-roll wrappers and cut them into triangles...which is a great way to create more lumpia and prolly why they're much smaller than the typical chinese style of egg-rolls. She's a great cook to be totally honest, more-so than my own Mother and I totally enjoyed the food, hah.