May 11, 2009


Today I guessed it, Tamagoyaki! Which is a Japanese breakfast dish that's similar to a traditional styled omelet although generally cooked in a square frying pan (AKA Makiyakinabe) and rolled up into layers of egg with some additional ingredients.

Soy Sauce
Vegetable Oil
Sugar (Optional?)
Dashi: Bonito (Japanese Soup Stock)
Mirin (Sweet Rice Wine)
Since I'm currently limited to supplies and certain ingredients at this time I'm going to make a more Americanized version, I'll also be using a small round frying pan this time around as well. Check out my photo below to see how my...egg burrito turned out, haha ;)I didn't think it came out so bad for my first attempt. I was only able to create 2 layers of egg using 3 eggs and I did find it a bit difficult to roll without slightly breaking apart, even with the use of chopsticks. Seasoned with some pepper since it was a bit bland without dashi and mirin but I did use some chicken bouillon in replacement of the dashi.

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