May 12, 2009

Haul Review

A recent post showed some of my purchases and now that I've had time to try out all of my products you can checkout my personal review and opinions of each item.#1: Sally Hansen Insta-Dry, SH is my Moms fave of all nail polish brands, so after getting so much flack on the color "Lightening" I had purchased prior to this "Uptempo Plum" colored one I must say the overall polish lasted pretty long (more so than Revlon polishes). It's quick drying but still takes time to fully harden as with most polishes. I lovvvve the flat style brush it comes with because it makes applying polish soooo clean and easy, I swear it's probably the first time I hardly got any polish at all on my fingers. I'd like to purchase more but this new line doesn't have too many colors I'm in need of or wanting. On the downside the colors don't exactly turn out the way I'd like as the yellow (Lightening) looked a bit orange/yellow once applied and dark purple (Uptempo Plum) looked black once 2 coats were applied.

#2: Sally Hansen Comfort Shine Lip Glaze, SH should stick with nail polish because this flavored lip gloss was a big disappointment. This "Fresh Mixed Berry" tasted like a cheap flavored gloss, the design is absolutely horrific from the container to the tiny all plastic brush inside. I don't see how you could ever get all the gloss out from the container with the tiny stick of a brush that rests in the center of this jar which has a screw-on lid. The gloss lasted maybe an hour, it really didn't seem like anything special and it didn't look as sparkly on my lips as it did inside the jar. I would not purchase this again unless someone said that one of the other flavors happened to be super delish.

#3: L'Oreal HIP Shocking Shadow, these are super pigmented and I currently own 4 other colors in this, but my absolute favorite color is "Visionary" (very pigmented gold color) and a total must have in my opinion. The one photographed here is called "Valiant" and I haven't played with it much thus far but I did notice some fallout with this shade and it's a bit harder to apply. My mom has actually confiscated one of the shades I have in "Intrepid" all for herself :P I also own "Feiry" which is great for those bold outting moments and I have "Exciting" which is one of my less faves, it has a pink gleam to its white shade.

#4: Covergirl Professional, I'm not sure if I really like this or not compared to Covergirl's LashBlast which is currently my choice mascara. I do like the fact that with the smaller brush I feel I can get closer to the base of my lash line although I feel I don't get the thickness as I do with LashBlast.

#5: Garnier skin renew, this is my favorite face product of Garnier and I've tried several other of their face creams/lotions/cleansers. I use this day and night usually, my Mom and I both really like this product. It just makes my pores seem smaller or something and my face just seems to look fresher the next morning. I'm starting to see why this is only for night because it tends to get a bit too oily with makeup throughout the daytime.

#6: Neutrogena Deep Clean relaxing nightly cleanser, I'd say this works about the same as their other thick cleanser products, generally good at removing my makeup. My skin is a bit sensitive and this tends to dry my face out a bit too much so I definitely have to moisturize after use. I didn't really find anything "relaxing" about this night cleanser except that I have a washed face before bed (hahaha), nor have I figured out why it was good for just night use.

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