October 18, 2008

I Cried!!! Yup

I've had such a hair catastrophe today, I don't even know where to begin! Its like this...I planned on dyeing my bleach blonde locks as you might have read in my previous post. What was suppose to be a nice blonde color("natural blonde" by Loreal) turned out to become brown at the roots and gray where the blonde use to be (Ahhh, I could've screamed). So...I went back to the store and purchased a brown color dye ("light brown" by Loreal) which then turned my roots black and the gray color even darker gray color (I was horrified, my poor friend couldn't take me anywhere! God bless their soul for dealin' with me today). Finally when I drug my pathetic gray headed butt home I stopped by CVS and purchased yet another dye box("soft black" by NiceN'Easy)...if it didn't work...I was going to cry and scream some more and end up getting a professional. This time...I left the dye on almost an hour, praying that it just had to work and that all my hair doesn't fall out. FINALLY IT WORKED and even though its black and I never intended to ever go black again...I seriously don't even care, I'm just ecstatic that I have no gray color and its all fully colored!!! God Bless NiceN'Easy, I love you! As for you Loreal...you're on my sh*t list >=O

As for other news, my "I Can Haz Cheezburger" book arrived today! Bad news...it wasn't all that funny as opposed to the actual website (bummer). Also, I believe I have 2 Japanese fashion magazines in this EBay box in my bedroom that arrived...bad news is...I'm too exhausted from dyeing my hair all day long to want to open it and look through it. The only thing that would've made my day better...would've been the arrival of my Ozon flat iron and having it work like a dream...hopefully it'll arrive Monday.

For more not-so-great news, my recent x-bf was supposedly seen talking to some new girl at my local watering hole...hmph...I think I was just the first woman of many girls to come in his life. I'm not jealous...but it just shows all his friends what type of person he is. I don't get mad anyway...but I do like getting even. Wow, my black-haired-self has gone to the dark-side, hahah.

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Jen said...

I wanna see your black new do!!

I'm a bit scared of OTC dyes. When I was younger my hair was MUCH more naturally blonde & nearly every dye would just turn my hair bright orange :(. I had a similar situation plenty of times to say the least. But I'm glad SMTG finally worked for you and your hair is still attached to your head ;D