October 14, 2008

Autumn Hair

I've been about every natural hair colour under the sun, from Blonde to Black. I have currently been a bleach blonde again since March this year and I feel I'm looking a bit washed out :P I do enjoy wearing my clip in hair ponytails to add length to my hair but I think I'm over the fake hair, especially if this new flat iron works like its suppose to. I would love to have that warm chestnut color I've seen in fashion magazines lately but...if you know me I also love to stand out from the herd. So I'm thinking I'll just tone down my super warm bleach blonde color to a more natural one...plus this bleach kit stuff is for the birds, its stripping down my hair and making it a bit too porous for my natural curls to stay in shape and frizz free.

So I went to my favorite hair dye brand website at LorealParisUSA.com to figure out what color I should use on my locks. It ended up picking out Superior Preference Dream Blonde, Color# 10 Alluring Peony as my "Dream Color".

Last time I wanted to deepen my blonde I picked an ash blonde color...needless to say it looked gray to me :P I had freaked out and found my moms bottle of auburn in her bathroom...but me being a natural strawberry-blonde I couldn't stick with a red color for long, hah.

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Jen said...

Lovely color choice!!! I haven't dyed my hair since college. I miss it sometimes b/c I get bored and my hair continues to get darker every year *used to be blonde-blonde!* ;___;