July 23, 2008


Welcome to my Miso-Happy blog!
A place for all things Asian!
I love, love, loveeee(did I say love?!) all different types of Asian things and if you do too then you've probably came to right place! From the more traditional customary items to todays modern I can't seem to get enough Asian culture in my life(I jokingly call it "Yellow Fever"). So I hope you'll stick around to read my blogs and view my graphics as you follow me from my everyday life to the things I enjoy most.

P.S. Miso-Happy!


Jen said...

I love the katori buta in the background!

Janet said...

I know I really like how it turned out too. I wish I owned a Katori Buta, I'm planning on publishing a post on it in the very near future.

Lola said...

The new blog is awesome. I love the name! I will definitely be back to read more.