July 27, 2008

Heatin' Up

To kick start things today I've been crushing on a certain someone. He is also apparently crushing on me too(^.^)! It was so cute when last night we were sitting in the picnic area outside the bar with friends and I noticed his arm was on my arm rest, so...being all smarty-butt I slid my arm up under his onto his arm rest(ne-ner-ne-ner). Next thing ya know we were holding hands! Anyways...it was cute (-n.n-)Friday night(well technically early Saturday morning) as I was driving down RT340 to head home I noticed some bright blazing smoke filling the night sky. As I drove further down the road I saw a fire and than I noticed this fire was of abnormally huge size(see photos above)! So I pulled over(as well as some other people did too) and apparently this 100yr old feed store had caught on fire(click here for the article and images I found). I really hope no one was hurt, especially "Gus" the old kitty that frequents the area. Ironically enough...the firehouse was a hop, skip and a jump away (-.-6)

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