March 24, 2016

One ‘N Only Argan Oil Hair Color Perfect Intensity - Review

Last summer I started trying out the One ‘N Only Argan Oil Hair Color Perfect Intensity on the ends of my hair. I tried 2 different shades (Pastel Lilac, and Pastel Aqua) and both came out much more intense in color than I was expecting from the shades shown on the box (it says you can leave the product on up to 30 minutes, which I believe that's what I did). Pastel Lilac came out looking like a Barney shade of purple and the color did eventually lighten into a pastel shade after numerous washing's, it also faded into a nice ombre look compared to the other color I tried. Pastel Aqua was also more deep and intense than the box color showed but it faded into a turquoise type shade against my blond hair, and this shade didn't seem as quick to wash out compared to Pastel Lilac nor did it fade into a ombre look like the other shade did.
Pastel Lilac (left), and Pastel Aqua (right)
This hair dye is very drying on my already dry dyed blond hair so I do recommend using a good conditioner with this as this altered my hair texture so much that it looked really fake compared to my natural hair until I washed and deep conditioned it several times to bring it back to life (so to speak). There may actually be a short period of time in which the dye looks the exact shade you may have been hoping for, which you may find disappointing in the long run. I didn't find this dye to come off on clothing or anything once it was washed out. Ultimately I ended up trimming off my colored hair to get rid of the dye completely before last winter rolled around because I just didn't feel it was really going to go away completely on its own so, you may want to be prepared for that hair color dedication if you use this on your entire head or as a highlight color starting at your root. I do find as far as the smell of hair dyes go that I actually enjoy the scent of this dye more than any other hair dye I've tried.

When you apply this dye I do recommend using tight fighting gloves, and a plastic cape. This product can stain your skin and clothing during application, and it takes several washes to remove this from skin (I learned the hard way). When I apply this to the ends of my hair I braid my hair into 2 pigtails and place a thick hair tie right above where I want the dye to go. I then left it on the the allotted amount of time (I think the color may have turned out less intense if I left it on a shorter amount of time than the packaging stated). This dye did not take to my hair when I tried to mute it with a sulfate free conditioner (it wasn't stated on the packaging to do this but it was worth a try to see if it would work) in hopes of getting less intense results.
Pastel Bubblegum
I recently tried their shade in Pastel Bubblegum and got this cute pink color by leaving it on my ends for 15 minutes (5 minutes of that was the application process) although you can leave it on your hair up to 30 minutes according to the packaging. Mom liked the way this shade turned out on me over the other 2 shades I tried last year. I feel like this is the only color in this brand to have turned out the color I wanted, but I also felt a bit more knowledgeable this time around as to how the dye would react on my hair (click here for a picture of my hair inspo).

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