March 02, 2016

How to Disguise a Deep-set Under Eye Area

If you have deep-set eyes chances are it can start to age you in a way, or maybe you just find it a bit unappealing. Whatever the reason may be having deep-set eyes myself I found what I feel is the best and easiest 2-step way to try and disguise my deep-set under eye area. There is no way to change the natural structure of your face (without perhaps the help of surgery) so you will still have some shadowing from the natural structure of your face and this can not be avoided, but this tutorial helps to reduce a deep-set eye appearance with the help of makeup.

Also, if you find you're not getting enough coverage from these two products try to use a full liquid foundation either before or after you do Step 1. I prefer applying a tinted moisturizer followed by my liquid foundation, and then starting with Step 1 - Concealer and finishing with Step 2 all over my face. If you have oily skin than you may want to try using a matte finish face primer after you moisturize. I also recommend not using a liquid foundation that contains fine shimmer or SPF as these things can reflect light off the face and not help in reducing the appearance of a deep-set under eye area. 

If you're someone that desires a dewy complexion I recommend using a highlight powder. I would suggest not applying any highlight near the top of your cheek bones but rather along the temples. You can still highlight the bridge of your nose, cupids bow, eyes, etc. just avoid the cheek and under eye area.

Here you can see how the light reflected off my deep-set under eye area before and after I did my makeup.

Step 1 - Concealer
Use a full-coverage liquid concealer similar in color to your skin-tone, or a shade lighter. Dab a few drops along the line of your under-eye crease. Using a dry beauty blender (your finger will also work) dab and blend the concealer under the eye up toward the lid and down along the side of your nose blending it on your face to make a triangular shape. Repeat on your other eye.

By expanding the color beyond the crease it helps to even out where natural light tends to hit and reflect off your face. Applying a concealer helps to even out the eye area, as often a deep-set eye can create a shadow-like effect making you appear to have dark circles.

I recommend It Cosmetics, Bye Bye Under Eye which is a full coverage waterproof concealer (I use the color Neutral Medium).

Step 2 - Matte Powder
Using a matte powder and a kabuki brush (your finger will also work) press the powder on top of the concealer you just blended on (you can choose to use this powder all over your face as well once your foundation is done).

The matte powder will help cut down on how the light reflects off of your face, thus reducing the appearance of a deep-set under eye area.

I recommend Rimmel, Stay Matte which is a long lasting matte pressed powder (I use the color 004 Sandstorm).

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