July 24, 2014

Acid Wash Galaxy Nails - Tutorial

Although this nail tutorial may look a bit complex it's actually pretty easy to get this galaxy nail look. You can layer on as many or few colors as you like although I'd recommend using at least 3 different shades of colored polish for this.
Start by applying a base coat. Apply 1 coat of light blue polish. Apply 1 coat of medium blue polish. Apply 1 coat of dark blue polish.

Dip a Q-Tip into some acetone nail polish remover and start removing some of the layers of polish by applying the acetone with light random strokes around the nail, stop rubbing once you see the first polish color coming through. Allow polish to dry a bit.

Using a white polish nail art brush apply small white dots of various sizes around the nail to create the stars. If you're intimidated by creating the dots you could try using a clear coat silver or white chunky round glitter polish instead.

Once dry apply 1-2 coats of clear polish and let dry completely.
For a similar nail look and technique checkout this flame nail I found on YouTube.

You could even try doing this technique in light pastel polishes and without the dots to create a girly marbled nail, or even try to create a gradient/ombre style nail by changing up how you remove the polish.

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