March 26, 2015

What Order to Apply Makeup

You can apply your makeup however you like but for myself I do feel there is an order in which makeup should get applied onto the face. Now if there is a certain area of the face in which you perhaps don't feel like adding makeup to then you can omit those things from my 10 step order and continue on to the next makeup step listed on here.

Facial Moisturizer
The first makeup item I like to add to the face is moisturizer. By applying moisturizer first it allows the face to get hydrated which helps to plump the face by circulating the blood as you massage the moisturizer into the skin. This also can help reduce redness, reduce signs of aging from the sun (especially if your moisturizer has an spf), fill in skin, and help with dry skin. The other reason I do this first is because it gives me a slightly moist base to work with for the next makeup item I going to apply...

I like to use a brow powder to do my brows (you can use whatever you like) and since my skin is slightly moist from the moisturizer that gives the powder a better adherence to skin, especially if your brows may be a bit sparse. The other reason I do this is to better clean up under my brows with the next makeup item I am going to apply...

Eye Makeup
I do my eye makeup after my brows because this allows me to clean up under my brows with a nude eye shadow (or color of choosing). Here is also where you can choose to prime your eyelid and apply any eye shadow/s at this time. The other reason I do this when I do is to clean up any possible eye shadow 'fall out' with the next makeup item I am going to apply...

Liquid/Cream Foundation and Concealer
I start by wiping off any eye shadow 'fall out' with a tissue or makeup wipe, by doing this it keeps any other colored makeup from accidentally getting mixed into the foundation I am about to apply. You can start your foundation by first applying a face primer. Next apply a concealer to help eliminate any imperfections (like acne scars). Next apply a liquid or cream foundation. You can also use the concealer again as a highlighter on the face if it is a bit lighter shade than the liquid/cream foundation just applied.

Bronzer and/or Contour
Since contouring is part of skin coloration/correction much like foundation I like to apply it before blush. Contouring or Bronzing is generally in cream or powder form and to get the most bang for your buck it will adhere better on top of the previous foundation applied.

By applying blush after contour or bronzing you are allowing the color of the blush to speak for itself on top parts of the contour rather than having it get muddled down by it. It will also offer more color on top the liquid foundation and/or moisturizer and may reduce how much blush you will need to use otherwise.

Face Powder
Applying face powder after bronzer or blush allows you to tone down and clean up any harsh lines or strong coloring that may have occurred and in the long run doing this after saves on having to use more powder than you might have used if you did this before the two. Face powder also helps to set and soften any liquid makeup applied before hand. I also like to apply a bit of shimmery powder on-top the face powder to add highlight to certain areas of the face.

Facial Mist
This is best applied after all face powders have been placed onto the face to give an all over dewy finish to the skin. Applying it now also reduces mascara from running onto the skin later. Allow facial mist to dry before moving on to the next steps.

Eye and Lip Liner
Lining eyes and lips now keeps any powdered products from muddling down liquid or gel eyeliner, and any previous powder that may have gotten onto the lips can help in providing a base for lip liner.

Mascara and Lips
The last step is to apply mascara to curled lashes and adhere any false lashes. Complete lined lips with lipstick and/or gloss to finish off the lips.

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