March 14, 2015

3 Reasons Not to Buy Gel Polish

Cost and Color
Not only do gel polishes tend to be more costly but some are a 2 bottle process (is this a gimmick to make people buy more?). Considering the cost of gel polishes a dupe or better color can often be found for a lower cost. Gel colors really aren't much more unique than regular polishes. For example as I was looking at Sally Hansen's polishes recently I found 4 different formulas (1 being a gel polish) and saw 4 very similar colors available at all different costs (ranging from $2.48-$7.97 at WalMart) with the gel being the most expensive, showing that gel polish can be at least 3x the cost (per bottle).
Sally Hansen polishes
Longevity Fail
The main purpose of gel polish is an increase in polish longevity in which I have heard from numerous people that these polishes don't seem to last any longer than regular nail polish (some only lasting a mere 2 days). Even if the polish did last longer you're still gaining nail growth, and for how long would you want to wear the same polish color anyway.

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