September 17, 2014

Top 5 Best Eye Shadow Shades for Everyone

Here you'll find what I feel are the 5 best eye shadow shades for practically everyone. I know you're probably thinking that whites and blacks work for everyone because they're neutral, but honestly I find both of those eye shades to be overpowering and ultimately not that flattering on everyone so I generally prefer to use those shades as either liner, mascara, or shadows to be blended into other shades to add lightness or darkness.
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Off-White: this is a cream or skin-tone shade for some and honestly everyone needs a highlight or natural eye shadow shade at some point in time. This shade will help you avoid an overly dramatic fake eye makeup look because lets face it... your skin is generally not pure white in color.

Purple: this is a combination of two shades.. blue and red. Oddly enough people have either more blue tone or red tone in their skin-tone so, the combination of these two shades makes purple the perfect color for practically anyone.

Gold: the base colors to gold can often be thought of as orange or yellow.. although those two colors seem far fetched to wear for some, but these shades do become more wearable when transformed into gold which also makes this color contrasting to our other favorite shade on here.. purple.

Olive: this shade is generally made up of yellow and green. Now you can't make green without yellow and blue so you're mixing a warm shade with a cool shade which in turn makes olive a neutral shade that works for almost anyone.

Taupe: this is a shade that is a combination of gray and brown. Now grays may be an unflattering shade on their own but when mixed with a natural brown shade it automatically creates the perfect neutral shade for anyone as it's both warm and cool in color.

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